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At The Odor Guys, we actually eliminate odors. Our exclusive services and products don’t just mask or cover up odors with perfumes and chemicals. We use a patented process that removes odors at the molecular level, killing them along with any bacteria, viruses, and mold so they won’t come back. Because our products are made with compounds found in nature, the treated surfaces are completely safe following treatment.

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You don’t have to accept that sometimes life just stinks! Tobacco, pet, food and other organic odors can be eradicated, and you can even reap thousands more from the sale of your vehicle or home when it is odor free. Enjoy a safe, odor-free environment again after a visit from The Odor Guys!

Our Services and Products are:

  • Safe – all our products are free of harsh chemicals and leave no dangerous residues behind. When our process is complete, the area is totally safe for people, pets and the environment.
  • Effective – in just a few hours, your odors are completely gone, not just covered up. We destroy odors at the molecular level so they are gone for good.
  • Affordable – You will be surprised how affordable our services and products are. Compared to the money you will lose on the value of your car or home when it stinks – you can’t afford not to have us treat your odor problem. We actually put money back in your pocket by increasing value!
  • Fast – in just a few hours those toxic odors that have been bothering you can be completely gone!

Call us 1-866-331-7731 or fill out our online form today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Car Odor Removal
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Odor Removal Products


People are very sensitive to odors and sometimes allergic to them. Removing those odors is an in-demand business! Interested in starting your own odor removal business? Learn more here.

How to Properly do an Ozone Treatment

In this video I go over some common misconceptions about ozone treatments and show how we do our treatments. I also show you the equipment that we use.

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