Vehicle Odor Removal

I can’t sell this car – it stinks!

The Odor Guys remove smells from cars

Nobody wants to ride around in a smelly car, your kids deserve better than a funky smelling backseat, and no one wants to purchase a used vehicle that stinks! The Odor Guys can turn your smelly vehicle into a chassis that’s a pleasure to ride in again – and one you can sell for its true value! We offer an affordable, safe vehicle odor removal process that permanently eliminates the toughest of odors – cigarette smoking, wet dogs, spilled food, musty A/C systems, mildew, you name it – we can make them disappear!

All odors come from organisms that attach to surfaces. Covering them up with perfumed air fresheners only work temporarily, and their harsh chemicals cause further irritation. Our specially-developed products and equipment have been tested in the worst of circumstances, and we know they work! We use a process that creates a gaseous environment so that all odor causing molecules are attacked and eliminated on every surface.

  • Tobacco Odors
  • Stored Vehicle Musty Mildew Smells
  • Food Spills & Waste
  • Animal Odors

We service all makes and models of vehicle, along with buses, trailers, RV’s and boats. New, pre-owned, classic, vintage and exotics vehicles – no matter how collectible or unique – our process is safe and effective. Guaranteed!

Selling a previously-owned vehicle?

No one wants to purchase a used vehicle that still smells like the previous owner. If that owner smoked, or left spills and mess behind, those unpleasant odors and remnants of any waste will kill the sale instantly. Selling a previously owned vehicle requires more than a good vacuuming – offer one that smells clean and fresh and you will realize its full value – well worth the cost of having The Odor Guys work our magic!

Is it time to disinfect your vehicle?

All of these smells come from microscopic molecules and bacteria that attach themselves to the upholstery and plastics of your vehicle. Mildew isn’t just an odor, it’s a growth of bacteria that needs to be treated to be removed. Our system draws out these odors from all of the porous material inside your vehicle. Even if the odor has been left untreated for a length of time, our process can remove it. The most common odor causing agent in automobiles after tobacco use is food and beverage spills and leaky grocery bags. The bacteria and contamination from these spills cause more than smells, they are hazardous. A frightening list of bacteria and viruses may exist in your vehicle as a result of food spills and other contaminants, including E. coli, Streptococcus, Viral encephalitis, Hepatitis virus, Salmonella.

We can come to you or clean your vehicle in our secured facility.