“You can't judge a book by its cover.” Perhaps not, but covers send a message regardless. I see a book cover with a knife dripping blood on it. I get the message that it's going to be a violent story. Our clothes are “covers” that make particular statements. I see a woman in Louboutin shoes, and I assume she's wealthy. She may not be, but that's the message. Our cars “wrapped around us” as we move through this world make statements also. Whether it's new or old, high-end or junker, even the color can be an extension of ourselves. So what statement are you making when you invite a passenger into your car and he just about chokes. Or maybe he's one of those “tell it like it is” types and says, “Did something die in here?” Odors are usually more obvious to others, but, really, you've noticed it yourself, haven't you? So what's smelling up your car?

You're getting the RV spruced up, looking forward to hitting the road again. But it smells. That will sure ruin the trip, shut up in a compact living space with gosh-knows-what odors. You have several possible sources of the odors. It could be any or all of them!

When you turn on your car's HVAC, you expect some cozy warm air in the winter and a refreshing blast of cool air in the summer. If, instead, the car is filled with a foul odor, you're totally baffled. You don't smoke. You don't allow smoking in your car. No fast food wrappers on the floor. No old gym clothes on the back seat. Rover was a good boy last time he was in the car.  What could it be? Here are a few of the “suspects.”