Moisture Control Products

Introducing – DrySorbTM

The Unbelievable Mildew Inhibitor!

Our new moisture control product crushes the impact of humidity on surfaces – preventing the growth and spread of mildew, molds and odors! Protect your valuables and collectibles with this affordable, easy-to-use product TODAY!

Use DrySorbTM before you store!

Before you store your vehicle, RV, camper or boat – be sure to use DrySorbTM to prevent mildew, mold and odors from forming while in storage! Our specially-formulated DrySorbTM product is a packaged desiccant that dramatically reduces humidity and moisture, eliminating the environment that allows mildew and odors to form.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Odorless
  • Never stains upholstery or surfaces
  • Perfect for storing, shipping & mildew prevention

DrySorbTM controls moisture in any enclosed environment where moisture and humidity are a concern. Mildew, molds, odors, rust and other corrosion grow and thrive in a moist environment, and in temperatures common to autos, boats and RVs, especially when they are in storage. When you eliminate the moisture – you eliminate the problems that threaten your prized possessions.

DrySorbTM is a granular desiccant product, securely packaged in a 100% spun-bonded polyester bag. This high-strength pouch simply needs to be set out on the surface in areas where you want to absorb and trap any excess moisture. Always dry to the touch, when the pouch is puffed-up indicating it is full of moisture, simply throw it away and replace with a new DrySorbTM pouch. Pricing is affordable, with multi-item discounts, so your stored items or enclosed spaces can stay safe and dry all year round!

Interiors need extra protection from moisture and humidity, especially while in storage. Simply place DrySorbTM in the interior, cabin spaces and engine areas of anything made of metal, wood or fiberglass, and the area is kept clear of moisture build-up. When you eliminate moisture – you eliminate the breeding ground for mildew, molds and odors. Keep valuable instrumentation and electronics free of rust and corrosion, and your life preservers, cushions and other gear free of mold and mildew all year long with DrySorbTM!

DrySorbTM is perfect for:

  • Seasonal Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Campers & RVs
  • Aircrafts & Motorized Equipment
  • Antique, Exotic & Collectible Automobiles
  • Enclosed Storage Areas
  • Gun Cabinets
  • Bureaus & Closets
  • Lockers & Backpacks
  • Anything you are putting in storage!

Using DrySorbTM is about as easy as it gets. Simply figure out how many sized packets you need based on the space or item you are protecting, then set the packets out throughout the area.

Use our chart to determine your order requirements:





# of Pouches


Sports Car SD-32 2 lbs 2
Passenger Car SD-32 2 lbs 4
Van SD-32 2 lbs 4 – 6
Motorcycles/Snowmobiles SD-32 2 lbs 2


18’ to 20’ SD-32 2 lbs 1
21’ to 25’ SD-32 2 lbs 2
26’ to 28’ SD-32 2 lbs 3
30’ to 35’ SD-32 2 lbs 4
36’ to 40’ SD-32 2 lbs 5


Private Aircraft SD-32 2 lbs 2 – 4


Gun Cabinets SD-32 2 lbs 2 – 4
Gun Safe SD-32 2 lbs 2 – 4
Carrying Case SD-16 1 lbs 1
Ammo Bags SD-16 1 lbs 1


Golf Bag SD-16 1 lbs 1
Camera Case SD-16 1 lbs 1
Musical Instrument Case SD-16 1 lbs 1
Tool Box SD-16 1 lbs 1
Waders SD-16 1 lbs 1
Equine Tack Trunks SD-32 2 lbs 2