Tattoo Parlor Waste Disposal

Tattoo Artists or Piercing Technicians have sharps, lancets, needles, and syringes located in their studios and places of business. Improper handling and disposal can lead to the spread of disease not only for those using these health care products, but for anyone finding them in the trash.

Needle sticks can result in diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, and Syphilis. To keep Sharps and other potentially infectious waste out of the trash, and therefore prevent the spread of disease, proper disposal is needed. Maine Medical Waste Disposal can effectively pick up, transport and dispose of all sharps, needles, syringes and other bio-waste in a cost-effective and reliable way.

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With flexible pick-up hours and a 24-hour customer service center, you can rest assured that Maine Medical Waste Disposal will get the job done well.